Where all books are always discounted...

Happy New Year! And January 17th is the Seventh Annaual After Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christimas, New Year's and Martin Luther King Day Sale.
It will be 25% off all books and for each item donated to the Food Bank (or each $1.00) you get an additional one percent off your books - up to 50%.

The Chair-Man will be HERE on Fri. Jan 14th from 12-6 pm $1 a minute massage.

Evy Coppola offers Iridoloy reading on Sat. Jan. 15th  from 2 - 6 pm. Iridology is the examination of the iris to determine emotional and physical patterns. $20. each Reading

 Books Ink will be CLOSED From Jan. 18th TO FED 3rd.

Book INK goes to the CC ArtWalk each month  - next is Feb 4th. Meet here at 6 pm

North Bay Lions SuperBowl BBQ - Feb 6th 11 am to 1 pm at Lacks Parking Lot. Get tickets early